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As the world of finance gets tokenized, we can’t have as many non-fungible assets as there are financial institutions, if they're to be used for payments. Whether tokens are issued by central banks, commercial banks, or other regulated financial institutions, they need to be fungible. We’re focused on the tokenization of regulated liabilities. We call them Tokenized Regulated Liabilities, or TRLs for short.

A GBP coin issued by the Bank of England should be fungible with a GBP coin issued by Barclays. Just like today!

The cloud-based digital

native currency platform

M10 is delivered to banks as a cloud-based service and includes shared ledgers, and other shared services such as directory service, FX service, compliance tools and more. Combined, they offer:

  • Tokenization of regulated liabilities

  • Instant transfer and settlement of TRLs

  • Programming of TRL payments

  • Compliance with existing rules and regulations

The M10 ecosystem

  • Operator
    Runs and operates the M10 network in a country, or region.
  • Issuer
    The regulated financial institution issuing digital currency in the form of TRLs to its customers.
  • Sponsor
    Onboards banks and hold collaterals backing the Tokenized Regulated Liabilities.

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  • FX Provider
    Provides FX for the Issuers. Brings liquidity in multiple currencies.

Use cases

for digital currency network

Any payments use case that benefits from instant, low-cost, 24x7 transfers. For commercial banks that includes:

Retail remittances

Guest worker in Country A sends money home to the family in Country B

International trade finance

Importer in Country A pays exporter in Country B

Cross-border disbursements

Ride sharing company pays out compensation to drivers in multiple countries

Cross-border merchant payment processing

E-commerce site in Country A processes payments from a customer who is located in Country B
  • DvP/PvP
    Guaranteed transfer of securities (DvP), or currency (PvP) at the time of payment
  • Treasury 
    Corporate treasurer managing the company’s cash
  • dApps
    Decentralized apps – applications without an intermediary such as a bank

For central banks the use cases include:

  • RTGS 

    Efficient operations of a country’s RTGS
  • CBDC (wholesale
 and retail)

    Central Bank Digital Currency for use by retail customers and banks for inter-bank settlement.

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